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What should I do with Longaberger baskets?

16 years ago

I have a pretty good number of Longaberger baskets stashed away in our closets. Most were purchased back in the early to mid-nineties when they were first popular around here and I really liked them. I am no longer using any of them for decorating. My dilemma is whether to try to sell them or hold on to them. They are very nice baskets, good quality etc., but they don't really fit with my style anymore. I kind of hate to get rid of them - wondering if they'd be worth something or maybe years from now my grandkids would say "these were my Grandma's baskets". On the other hand they are taking up A LOT of space in our closets and I kind of want to just get rid of them. I'm not sure that they sell that well on ebay, but I haven't totally researched it. I'm curious, what would you do?? Thanks!

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