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I Love outside corners! What do you think of my plan

11 years ago

I had a "problem" inside corner in my main kitchen and ended up turning it into an outside corner which I absolutely love. Now I think maybe I've done it again with my proposed design for our lake house kitchen. I posted the current layout on an earlier thread to ask for suggestions. (see link below).

Here is my proposed new design. It does involve moving the entry door (which will be a PITA since the house is brick), but I think that will be worth the expense. Also, we may need a beam installed once we take out the walls, and I have allowed for that in the new design.

You can't tell from the drawing but the living room/lake side is below the kitchen, and the hall at the lower right leads to the bedrooms.

My vision for the space is painted shaker style cabinets - probably white but I also like some of the subtle colors i have seen in pics here. I know many of you will feel obligated to move the cooktop from the island, but thats the way I did my main kitchen and I really like it.

This is really just a preliminary layout, not too much attention to cabinet sizes or other details yet. But what do you think? Other ideas or suggestions for this space? Many of you have such good ideas that I would never think of on my own! Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Former Thread with Existing Layout

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