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Finish for white cabs: factory or hand painted?

15 years ago

Suspect this has been discussed before -- if there is a thread, please point me.

For beaded inset ivory cabs in a Victorian - early 20th century style kitchen am wondering whether to have a painted or factory finish. And if a factory, meaning sprayed, finish, are there different kinds? I am considering a local person who is a woodworker/cabinet maker-- he has a booth but the finish is not as "tough" as what you can get from a cabinet manufacturer. Better to go with this or a manufacturer? Are there certain processes or paints that will yield a more durable finish? From the standpoint of ongoing maintainability, is it better to have the toughest factory finish, or a handpainted finish that you can retouch yourself?

I am interested in a low luster of flat finish -- which I suspect is tougher to keep looking pristine than a more gloss finish . ?

If you have light painted cabinets, please tell me your experience and what you would suggest regarding the finish to specify . . .

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