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Help? Need to tile backsplash on very uneven wall....

Stacey Collins
12 years ago

My neighbor loves my subway tile backsplash so I said I would do hers for her. (mine was so easy!) However, now that her old laminate backsplash has been removed, I see it's not such an easy job...

The old wallboard face was ripped out by the counter installers when they removed the old counter, so part of it is this old, uneven cement stuff, with a 4" hole in one spot though to the framing cavity. In another area, for some reason a piece of 1/4" luan was added and then plastered in so it's flush with part of the wall, but 1/4" proud on part of it. The biggest discrepancy is where the old counter's 4" backsplash and the laminate above that were: it looks like they installed the preformed countertop first, then plastered down to the 4" part, then added the laminate sheet above that. Now that its all been removed there's about a 3/8- 1/2" difference in depth of the wall surface. Way too much to expect thinset to fill in, right???

So, it seems like I need to skim this all with something to level it out, am I correct? What product should I use? And how?

Thanks for any advice!

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