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Kitchen layout -- comments please?

8 years ago

Hello, I've been browsing like crazy for a couple of months in both this forum and the appliances forum. We have bought a house and we are adding on before we move in as it's currently too small for our family but we love the location and neighborhood.

So, the kitchen -- this will be a demo of the existing kitchen and the current stairs to the downstairs and a bumpout that adds on a couple of feet of length. The footprint and dimensions are not flexible at this point because of the overall project (including new bedroom/bathroom downstairs and new bath/master upstairs).

We are a family of six (two adults, our au pair, and three kids ages 6, 9, and 12). We cook most meals and pack lunches for the kids. The concept for this kitchen is to have multiple work zones for 2+ adults working at a time, breakfast/homework/hangout space for people at the island, and open flow to the dining/living room at the left but the ability to channel through traffic away from the hot zone and dish zone. We also want this to be kid-friendly for chores such as unloading the dishwasher and setting the table/helping with clean up.

Cabinets are still TBD but we are leaning towards frameless. Uppers would be 36" high. As many drawers as possible below.

Appliances - we really wanted a counter depth fridge but for budget reasons that had to go in favor of a full-size fridge.

That meant the pantry is smaller than we had hoped so we are trying to figure out internal fittings for pull-outs. We think it would be weird to have the doors opening towards the fridge so we're thinking pull-outs towards the island but that is TBD.

The range will be a Capital Culinarian 36". Don't know the hood yet but that will be sized to match.

The upper cabinets to the left of the sink in this picture will change -- I'd rather attempt symmetry with the one to the right of the sink and I don't quite know what happened to this drawing.

My husband is desperate to have pull-out wicker baskets for potatoes, onions, and garlic (we had this in the last kitchen we remodeled) but we still haven't figured out if that's doable.

Thanks in advance for any comments or input!

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