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Ideas for repurposing/remodeling kitchen desk area?

11 years ago

So we finally decided to put new doors on our uppers, add a peninsula, and paint the cabinets (yes, still all far less expensive than new cabs). So I figure I've gone this far...

One of my kitchen annoyances is the built-in desk. No one sits a the desk, no one works there, so it just serves as a place to store "stuff" and is a magnet for junk pile up. I've realized that as long as there is a desk there, it is inevitably going to collect pile-up and be the disorganized eye-sore of my kitchen.

I plan to repurpose some upper cabinets in the kitchen area right next to the garage door for stuff - mail, keys, to-do board, etc. I want to repurpose the desk into something else that won't attract clutter. Desk is between the kitchen and the hearth room...not ideal place to display our junk.

I can do some reconfiguring of the shelves and drawers - my FIL is a trim carpenter and extremely good, but I can't use all his time to construct a new piece of furniture (you get my drift?).

Anyone else HATE their kitchen desk? Anyone else repurpose/remodel the desk? Looking for ideas and pictures to get me inspired!

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