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Is gray green, or am I losing my mind?

16 years ago

Please help! The painters just finished my MBR today with BM Silver Satin, and instead of a nice soft pure gray, it looks like the palest sage green to me! I absolutely hate to ask them to repaint the room, but I was dead-set on a soft, definite foggy gray that I could accent with raspberry (see the bedskirt for the accent color). BM Silver Satin is also paler than I wanted.

Would I be crazy to ask them to repaint? The color I think I want is BM Gray Owl. Below are photos of both colors and I am so insane at this moment that they look vastly different to me. However I am coming to you all for a reality check because asking the painters to repaint would be a) more money and b) more time, and I'm trying to have all painting done before Thanksgiving (and they haven't even TOUCHED the main floor yet!!!)

Comments? Ideas? A reality check? Free admission to the nearest sanitorium for the truly color-obsessive?

MBR with BM Silver Satin and white trim. The accent color will be the raspberry in the bedskirt. (the floor is now bamboo, not carpet)

MBR with BM Gray Owl and white trim

MBR with BM Silver Satin, now you can see the existing bamboo flooring.

Finally, MBR with BM Gray Owl and bamboo flooring.

Any, ANY feedback is appreciated. Especially feedback that tells me that I am absolutely insane and both grays are identical, and why on earth am I obsessing over this detail??? :-)

Thank you in advance,


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