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A Designers Advice--article in local newspaper

16 years ago

Our local newspaper had an article today about a lecture that designer Larry Laslo gave at a design center recently. I've heard of him, but I'm not too familiar with his work. The pictures of his work were stunning. I found a few of his comments interesting:

"I think fast. I don't agonize. The more you agonize, the more an idea becomes watered down. My first idea is my best idea."

"Flat screen TVs should simply be mounted on the wall, not hidden. We know you watch TV. Trying to conceal a television is like putting dolls in hoop-skirts over a telephone."

"Peach is coming back. I mix it with a lot of chocolates, browns and whites."

"It's the mediocre that bores me. I love the grand"

Anyway the first comment really hit me because I tend to agonize over my decorating decisions and drive myself crazy. Sometimes I'll think about a plan for a room so long that I'm sick of it before I even execute it.

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