Question for single sink with garbage disposal owners . . .

13 years ago

I use to have a double sink with a garbage disposal on one side. Never had a problem. It was a 10+ year old GS that practically shook the house down every time I used it, but otherwise no problems.

Our new single, Silgranit sink and Insinkerator GS were installed last week. IÂm annoyed because water doesnÂt easily flow down the drain. The GS flange backs everything up. I either have to run the GS and run water down at full force, or manually hold the flange open (GS turned off, of course). This happens when itÂs just water . . . no waste in the GS.

Is this normal? Something IÂll just have to get used to?

Another question: When I reached in to open the flange, the whole thing came right out in my fingers. The ring easily pops in and out. That kind of surprised me. IsnÂt it supposed to be attached?


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