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Paint a Fireplace While I Wait?

8 years ago

I've posted about my awful FP before. Here is a pic of it to refresh your memory . . .ignore pic reflection in mirror b/c I hate it (bought it for frame and it will be replaced), wall color, cheesy Halloween deco, etc. Mirror doesn't really work, either, just trying to cover up the brick! So, let's just focus on the FP, haha!

I decided I'm going to get an antique/vintage FP surround/mantel and drywall the top portion. I just can't stand it anymore. Would love to tile over the bricks around firebox opening as well using replica Art Nouveau tiles, but we'll see. BUT, while I wait for Mr. Perfect Mantel, should I paint the brick? Absolutely not stark white, but not sure what. I am waiting until I find a rug and do paint samples (like I should have done last time, before painting it the awful brown) to see what color the room will be.

But I digress, because this isn't a post about what color to paint the FP, but rather, SHOULD I paint the FP while I wait? I was told, long ago on GW, that painting the brick = not possible to be drywalled afterward, which is what kept me from painting the brick. But, someone else told me that wasn't true . . .

I am cringing posting this and I am sure you are cringing looking at it, so I apologize!

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