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GE Profile Induction Cooktop and Cookware

15 years ago

I tried posting this in the appliances forum, but haven't received many replies.

I've done the searches and read everything I can get my hands on in that forum, but still am yearning for a little more feedback from owners of the GE Profile Induction cooktop (PHP900DMBB - shown below)

FYI, we currently have the GE Profile glass cooktop and there are 2 reasons we would like to replace it. It's had fine scratches/scrapes on the burners that make it look like it's 4 years old rather than 4 months old. Not sure what caused it.

Also, because the 2 larger cooking elements are in the front of the stovetop, the pop-up exhaust isn't really effective in grabbing the stuff and sucking it in. We rarely use the 2 small back burners.

Here's the cooktop we have now:

On the induction model, the burners have a print on them that would seem to eliminate the chances for scratches/scrapes on them. Also, the largest burner is slightly closer to the exhaust, and one of the medium sized burners is at the rear.

Here's what I'd like to hear from any GW'ers who have the GE Profile Induction:

If you own one, give your comments on the good, the bad, and the ugly. I would especially like to hear if you have that "hummmmmm" that I've read about on other posts, and if it's noisy enough to be bothersome, or even drive you crazy?

What about cleaning? Easy, difficult, what you use, do you have any scratches and what caused it?

I'd also like to know what cookware you use, and where you purchased it, how much $, and a detailed review of the cookware.

I'm asking alot - guess I am still just a little unsure if I am heading the right direction and need a little more info to make me feel secure that I am making the right decision.

Any feedback and information greatly appreciated.



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  • 15 years ago

    I have a Gaggenau Induction Cooktop but haven't had it installed yet and only looked at it when it arrived. I have however spent about 20-30 hours researching the cooktop that we would have in our kitchen and so have read quite a bit about induction cooking. I am currently using mostly Calphon Anadonized Aluminum that is starting to loose it's non-stick ability and it won't work with Induction.

    If you are concerned about scratchs or spills put down a paper towel, parchment paper or a silcone baking sheet. As crazy as that sounds it works and they will insulate the cooktop from the bottom of the pan without interferring in the cooking process. Many people suggest that for the first few weeks you put a towel under the pan when you start to boil water because you aren't ready for how quickly it can boil and boil over. Silipat and Parchment paper should be good to the low 500 degree mark so just about anything short of stir frying it should contain.

    I will have to get mostly new pans when our Kitchen remodel is done. I have one All-Clad 14 skillet ($140 from a few years ago) right now and will probably get a few more pieces. Many people here have suggested visiting local kitchen supply places so get higher quality cookware. Target has some decent cast iron cooking pieces and the combination Grill / Griddle from Lodge Pro (I think it was under $50) is on my wish list. Just remember to bring a magnet with you when you go shopping and if it sticks to the bottom of the pan it will work with induction.

    I know it was not quite what you were asking but I hope it was helpful.

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  • 15 years ago

    I have an older induction cooktop and pretty much whatever is a "good" pan on your current cooktop will be a good one on induction, if it works. Cast iron is wonderful, but of course it's cast iron and sometimes you want something else.

    With my cooking style, if I'm not doing high heat cooking, the quality of the pan really doesn't make much difference. Yes, you need the cookware to have a flat bottom and to stay flat, and it needs to come clean when you're done, and non-stick surfaces need to stay that way, but other than that, my inexpensive pot from Ikea boils water exactly as well as All Clad. All Clad might be less noisy...

    For searing and stirfrying and other high heat jobs, I pull out the cast iron. My favorite pot for induction is an eightyish year old WagnerWare roaster--for candymaking, a high quality iron pot combined with induction is amazing. Double boiler? Thing of the past...

    Can't comment on that cooktop, of course.

  • 15 years ago

    I have the GE 30" induction cooktop. I don't notice a "hum" at all on any of the burners except the left front one, and then only at high temps. Once you are actually cooking, the sound of the boiling water, sizzling, etc. masks any hum.

    I have an assortment of cookware and they all do fine. I have All-Clad ($$$), Tramontina($), Transtherm($) all purchased at Marshalls, and a 13" steel tortilla pan (see link) that I paid $7 for and works great as a fajita pan/griddle/pizza pan for the oven.

    Cleaning is super easy. I go over the surface with a soapy dishrag and dry with a dry dishtowel.

    Here is a link that might be useful: comal/tortilla pan

  • 15 years ago

    Howdy - I too have the cooktop. I do notice a hum when the power gets cranked up - say at 7 out of 9 on the control for the bigger burners. But I kindof think it is cool to hear!

    We thought our old Schulte Ufer cookware we got in Germany would work since the current version of this cookware is ok for induction. Only we found out our 10+ year old cookware was not. One of the pieces we have works but the rest was bought before they changed their product line. Bummer.

    So, given we were all spent out of cash and didn't want to put out a fortune on all-clad we headed to my favorite store - Marshalls. We found another German brand there - Silit - and were able to get a matching set of 4 pans and lids plus a saucepan (is that what the one with a longer handle is called?). Anyway, that all came to less than $175 and we are supremely happy with that purchase.

    We love the cooktop - it heats up so fast, you will find yourself coming back to boiling water after only a couple of minutes.

    Clean up seems to be a breeze as well.


  • 15 years ago

    Thank you SO much everyone. Your responses were very helpful.

    I took a magnet with me and purchased a new set of pots & pans @ Costco. They were $199, and I figure once I get the new induction installed, if I hate them, I can take them back. I also know that there is better cookware out there, but just decided to go for it, for now.

    11-piece Circulon Premier Professional set.
    Covered 2qt saucepan
    Covered 3qt saucepan
    Covered 8qt stockpot
    Covered 5qt saute
    8.5" skillet
    10' skillet
    12" skillet

    It's dishwasher safe and it's oven safe up to 400 degrees.
    It'll do for now while I get my bearings on cooking with induction. I just checked on and they have the 5qt. w/lid for $119, so at least I got a decent deal, even if they're not the best out there. I look at it kind of like a "starter set".

    As far as the cooktop, I am committed now! I have pans, so I better just buck up and get the new induction ordered!

    Thanks again all,

  • 15 years ago

    Did you also look at the GE Monogram version? I noticed that the GE Profile says 7 levels of heat but the Monogram says 19 levels. I wonder if there is really a significant difference b/w 7 & 19 levels. 19 almost seems like over-kill. The other thing I noticed that does seem like a significant advantage is that the Monogram has a "pan size sensor" but the Profile doesn't mention it.

    I also am planning for an induction cooktop (probably GE Profile or maybe Monogram...depends on look, function, etc.) to replace our GE Profile "regular" glass cooktop in the future. I'm working on my DH...he's the one that has been dead-set against it. But we've both noticed that our current cooktop heats water much more slowly than our 13yo smooth/ceramic top range did, so I'm slowly working him up to agreeing to the induction! (I figure I can sell our current on on Craiglist or similar. Yes, I know it will probably have to be for much less than we paid for it.)

    ++++++++++ OK, I'm confused ++++++++++

    I just read the Profile & Monogram Use & Care Manuals...and and they're identical (with the exception of the round vs square pads, document font, and placement of pictures!)

    It looks like

    (1) Profile does have 19 levels
    (2) Nowhere does the Monogram Manual talk about "pan size sensor"

    What have you found in your research Boxiebabe? I'll probably also look at the other vendors, but my previous research showed them to be so much more expensive than the GE Profile.

    Maybe my best bet is to query the Appliances Forum...

    Glad you made your decision! Good Luck!

  • 15 years ago

    Hi Buehl: I am going to Home Depot today to talk to them about the cooktop. We currently have the latest version of the GE Profile regular glass cooktop. Don't like it a bit, so we're trading up. The one we have now has the pan sensor, haven't ever really used it. But I would imagine that the Profile induction has it. I'll ask when I get there and report back. I also confirm the 19 heat settings.

  • 15 years ago

    Hey Buehl: I got side-tracked today and didn't ask the questions... but I found this info on
    Here are the features of the GE Profile 30" Induction Cooktop (PHP900DMBB):

    Induction Elements
    11" Element (3700 Watts on High Setting)
    Offers a large 11" surface, wide enough to handle bigger pots and pans and accommodate family meals of any size.
    At it's highest setting, the 11" element has 3700 watts of power, providing an incredibly fast time to boil water.
    Electronic Touch Controls
    Replace traditional knob controls with digital buttons that are precise and easy to use and clean.
    Offer easy, point-and-cook convenience.
    19 Control Settings
    Choose from 19 different power levels to select the temperature that is perfect for your meal.
    Power Boost
    Offers powerful cooking capabilities on all elements to boost power by 20 to 30 percent.
    Precise Digital Control System
    Delivers accurate temperature control on the cooktop, ensuring even heating and less temperature variation.
    Pan Detect
    Only heats the area of the element that comes in contact with the pan.
    Detects when a burner element is left "on" and automatically shuts it off when not in use.
    Control Lock Capability
    Provides the ability to lock the cooktop's controls, helping protect from unintended activation.
    Electronic Kitchen Timer

    So, yes my dear, it appears that it has 19 heat settings, and the pan sensor.

    I gave Home Depot the print out of the price ($1438.99 including shipping) I can get it for on
    The local Home Depot quoted me over $1700, PLUS shipping.
    It has to go through the rounds of management, but I expect to hear back from them within a couple of days.
    I'd rather get it from them, since they're taking back the one we have now for full credit, but I also want as good a deal on the new one, as I got with the one I have now.
    Hey! $300 isn't chump change! ;-)


    Here is a link that might be useful: PHP900 for $1438.99

  • 15 years ago

    Thanks Boxie. I talked about it a little more today w/my DH....I used you as an excuse to bring up the subject LOL! Now he's saying in a couple of years. Last time we talked he said when the kids are out of college...and DD is just going into 7th! So, I'm making progress!

    But, what I was wondering about wasn't the pan sensor (yes, they both have it), but rather the pan size sensor. Here are the specs for the Monogram:

    Induction Technology  Induction elements use electricity to produce a magnetic field that reacts with the iron in metal cookware - including cast iron and magnetic stainless steel pans - and transfers the heat to the cookware

    Sophisticated Styling  Framelss black models are smooth from edge to edge, making them easy to clean

    3,700-Watt, 11" Element  The most powerful induction element in the industry, provides instantaneous heat across 19 different cooking settings

    Digital Controls  Embedded in the cooktop offer added style and convenience

    Digital Pan-Sensing Technology  Detects the presence of cookware with magnetic properties, a requirement for induction cooking

    Pan Size Sensor  Automatically adjusts the heating element to the size of the pan

    Control Type.....Electronic Touch
    Cooktop Finis.....Ceramic glass
    Element Type.....5 Induction
    Glass Ceramic Cooktop.....Black Glass
    11" Heating Element.....1 (3700 Watts)
    6" Heating Element(s).....1 (1800 Watts)
    7" Heating Element(s).....2 (2500 Watts)
    8" Heating Element(s).....1 (3200 Watts)
    Pan Presence Sensor.....Induction
    Pan Size Sensor.....Induction
    "On" Signal Light.....Front center
    Hot Surface Indicator Lights.....Yes
    Power Level Indicator.....19 Levels
    Control Location.....Front Center
    Control Lock Capability.....Yes

    But, there's no mention of this sensor in the Use & Care, does it really have it? If so, does the Profile also have it? (Most Monograms are identical in functionality to a Profile with the only differences cosmetic and price! And I got that from the Monogram folks...very reluctantly! They thought I should be willing to pay extra to get the sleeker look...but I actually like the Profile look better! The newer Monograms, w/the chunkier handles are nice, but not those flimsy-looking (to me) handles most have.)

  • 15 years ago

    I have the 36" GE Profile induction and love it. It's super quick to heat things and I love how I can instantly turn the burner down.

    My stainless Costco pans- Kirland Signature work great

    My cooktop does have the pan sensor and the pan sized sensor. Cleanup is a dream as things don't get "burned" onto the cooktop as it's only hot under the pan. I just use a dishrag and dishsoap and dry with a microfiber cloth. I've not tried cooking with a paper towel or any of the other tips listed above.

    I do hear a hum when it's on high but it's not bothersome to me.

    I'm constantly telling my husband how happy I am with this cooktop and never want to go any other type.

    It's funny though that the babysitter couldn't figure out how to turn it on. You have to have the pan on it, push the on button and make an adjustment to the temp. My son had wanted eggs for dinner but ended up having something else. I like that as a safety feature so my kids can't turn it on by accident.

    I bought our cooktop as a display after a cooking/ kitchen show. I think I paid about 1300.00 for it.



  • 15 years ago's good to hear that the Profile also has the pan size sensor. I'd rather not pay the extra several hundred dollars for a cooktop that does the same thing! I also like the look of the Profile has the SS "frame" around it that the Monogram doesn't seem to (except the white one...the photo gallery shows a black w/SS "frame", but I can't find anywhere online that actually sells it!)

    I'm not really surprised about the babysitter. When I mention induction to non-TKO folks they look at me blankly--they have no idea what I'm talking about! So they wouldn't understand how to use it either!

  • 15 years ago

    Beth Wrote: I'm constantly telling my husband how happy I am with this cooktop and never want to go any other type.

    Me: That is GREAT, Beth! I guess that's exactly what I needed to hear to make me feel better about going that direction. When we did our remodel (completed about 2 months ago), we ordered the full line of GE Profile for our appliances. We're not crazy about the dishwasher, the convection microwave and the convection oven are OK, and I LOVE our fridge. But I HATE our regular glass cooktop.

    I am sure hoping that I will be as in love with my new induction cooktop as you are, and as much as I am in love with my fridge. I am certainly in the right mindset for it. I have my pots and pans ready, and I am so excited about trying something I've never tried before!

  • 15 years ago

    GE and other major manufacturers use the Schott glass for their cooktops. It's tougher than the other major manufacturer of glass for cooktops (and I can't remember their name right now) However, it is GLASS, and it will scratch. That's the nature of glass when confronted with burrs on steel. That's why it's very important that your pans not only be flat but that they also be smooth on the bottom. Deburr your cast iron and look around for other suspects that have created the scratches on your current cooktop. Your new cooktop will not fare any better in the scratches department if the same scratch cookware is used on it. You are setting yourself up for false expecations if you think that induction glass tops don't scratch or show scratches. I'm very surprised that HD would take your top back at all. The scratching is all up to the consumer and what pans they use and how they use them. It's not a manufacturer's defect for glass to scratch.

  • 15 years ago

    I've had the 36" GE Profile induction cooktop for several months now. There are minor scratches on the black part that does not heat up (I had to look hard to see them). The SS rim definitely shows scratches.

    Cookware is AllClad and KitchenAid; both are fine.


  • 15 years ago

    LiveWireOak: I guess you missed the part where I said that I just purchased brand new cookware, before I even have the induction cooktop installed. However, even so, there is a "print" on the induction "burners" that would mask any tiny scratches - whereas the regular cooktops have plain black glass "burners". So, there is my reasoning. But I certainly appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. Thank you!

    jimandanne: thanks! That makes me feel all the more confident in the decision I've made to go to the induction unit.

  • 15 years ago

    I just had my GE Monogram Cook Top hooked up. So far I love it. I too have the costco Circulon pan set and it is great. The cook top came with Cerama Bryte cleaner that I use. I am manic about keeping it clean and perfect because it is new. I am sure that will change over time. I will check for burrs on the bottom of the pots. The only noise is on the large burner when it is on high heat. Installing it required removing a drawer below the cook top to maintain air cirrculation. Our first kitchen remodel in 20 years! what wonderful changes. I love the Advantium Microwave too! My cook top is silver/gold with a s/s band. So there is more than black. so far so good....

  • 15 years ago

    jo onthego where did you find the GE Monogram Induction cooktop in the silver/gold? Can I ask you how much you paid for it? Are you happy with the s/s band? is it marking a lot?

    Does DCS make the GE Monogram Induction cooktop as well as the gas/propane cooktop?

    Thaks so much everyone out there. I sure enjoy reading this site.

  • 15 years ago

    I will be recieving my GE induction cooktop for my new house soon.. (a few weeks) I won't be in the new house for at least 3 months... My question is do I need to start shopping for all new pans??? The girl at Home Depot was no help at all... I have older pans, and did want to buy new ones but in looking up induction sets, they are PRICEY!! Someone in here said the Kirkland pans from Costco work well.. What is the deal between induction and "non" induction pans? I am confused... lol... HELP!! I have to get it together before I start using it because I have to feed my kids and husband!!

  • 15 years ago

    Induction is based on magnetic fields, so most pots that a magnet will stick to will work.

    From the

    "Induction cookers require that all your countertop cooking vessels be of a "ferrous" metal (one, such as iron, that will readily sustain a magnetic field). Materials like aluminum, copper, and pyrex are not usable on an induction cooker. But all that means is that you need iron or steel pots and pans. And that is no drawback in absolute terms, for it includes the best kinds of cookware in the world--every top line is full of cookware of all sizes and shapes suitable for use on induction cookers (and virtually all of the lines will boast of it, because induction is so popular with discerning cooks). Nor do you have to go to top-of-the-line names like All-Clad or Le Creuset, for many very reasonably priced cookware lines are also perfectly suited for induction cooking."

  • 15 years ago

    Talk about a coinkidink... this thread came up to the top again, just as the A&E service guy left my house. We got our new GE Profile 30" Induction cooktop installed this weekend. There is a "Control Lock" that disable the controls so that you don't turn on the stove while you're cleaning it, etc.

    Well, Day #1, and we had trouble with it. I swear, this appliance nightmare is giving me gray hair. First, I couldn't get the control lock ON so that I could clean the grubby fingers prints off after it was installed. After messing with it, I got it ON.

    I got out my new pots & pans and was ready to cook dinner that night, and I couldn't get the control lock OFF! I fiddled with it, then hubby fiddled with it - and he finally got it off so we could have dinner. After dinner, I had a hard time getting it back ON, so that I could clean up.

    Long & short of it is, that they had to order a $500 part for our brand new induction cooktop. They'll be out in 10 days to put in the new circuit board. Arggggg.....

    I am SOoooo over this whole appliance nightmare.


  • 15 years ago

    aww, Boxie, sorry to hear that. =( The problem you describe sounds so familiar. Wasn't there someone on the appliance forum who had the same thing happen with their GE cooktop?

    I hope you'll post again once your cooktop is fixed to let us know how you like cooking on induction.


  • 15 years ago

    Oh boy, I am so sorry, you were SO excited! I was jealous because I went with a regular cooktop and now I want it to crap out so I can get an induction and its only 6 months old! Good Luck! Let us know how it goes! I'm sure it will be fine when they get the new board in! :)

  • 15 years ago

    I don't get what needs to be disabled (control lock). When you're cleaning, you're not using anything magnetic, so there's no danger of it turning on. I have the Kenmore, and although it has a lock feature, I never use it!

    Of course, I understand you wanting every feature to work properly :)