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Silly hood question for those with (or who like!) vintage ranges

12 years ago

Okay, so I'm yet again stuck on a decision point. We have a lovely old O'Keefe and Merritt stove, and in the remodel it will finally have a hood (which is a big deal if you consider the existing ventilation is a c. 1950 ceiling exhaust fan that plugs in with a cord that dangles from the ceiling down over the stove, trips the circuit in the kitchen, and vents into our attic...)

My problem is that I can't decide which of two hoods---one rounded, one squared off---is going to look more appropriate in our kitchen. (We're going for a "modern Craftsman" look, so obviously neither of these has anything on ModernAire, but they'll do the job within our budget!) They're the same brand and identical inside; the price difference is negligible. My husband thinks I'm ridiculous to be worrying about this and says "get the cheaper one!" (It's literally cheaper by $20, so I'm not sure that should be the deciding factor in the grand scheme of things...)

Which would you choose? Here are the hoods:


and here is our stove---the hood will be open on either side (no cabinets, possibly a shelf).

Any ideas?? Thanks!

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