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Upper cabinet height - 8 ft ceiling with beam

8 years ago

We are in need of upper cabinets, and I'm having difficulty placing around a beam. Here's our kitchen currently:

We are planning on only putting cabinets on the wall with the window (not the little space to the right of the vent hood). We were recently debating on what to do in the corner, but I think we've decided to do an L-shape cabinet in the corner rather than go straight all the way to the wall (it'll be a 90 degree corner cabinet, jutting out another 12" or so until it almost hits the vent hood, if that makes sense).

We are having trouble deciding what to do with the ceilings. I prefer the look of cabinets all the way up. Our ceilings are roughly 8' tall, and we have about roughly 58" of space above our cabinets. The ceiling isn't particularly straight, but it's not too bad.

Option 1. If we stay below the beam (which juts 7" down), we probably need to go with 30" cabinets. I'm worried about the looking of floating 30" cabinets and think they look a little awkward.

If you don't mind clicking a link:
nyse2502's post near the bottom of that link is one option--we could put in 30" cabinets touch the bottom of that beam going all the way across (on either side of the window of course). Maybe we could put straight piece of molding above them and then crown on top (7" total).

Here's another picture idea (but with really tall ceilings):

Traditional Kitchen by Washington Design-Build Firms Four Brothers LLC

And here's what I do NOT want:

Contemporary Kitchen by Oakland General Contractors Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Construction

Option 2. Put in 36" cabinets with 4" of trim or 39" cabinets with 1" of trim (not enough trim??). If we did this, there would be a gap between the fridge and the cabinets of about 9" if we went flush to the right side of the beam.

I should mention we are putting cabinets above the fridge, but no problems there.

I'm worried the 30" cabinets will look very squashy. Also, I haven't seen the straight trim and then molding done very often above 30" cabinets so I'm worried it will look soffit-y. No one likes soffits anymore. But I'm also worried about the 9" gap between fridge and cabinets with the other option. I'm not sure which is the worse of the two evils, or which would stand out more.

My gut is telling me to go with the taller cabinets, as the look of the taller cabinets will overpower any evils of the 9" gap. But maybe the 30" cabs with extra molding won't look much different and will fit the area better. Please tell me your thoughts!

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