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Undermount AND drop in a sink at the same time?

12 years ago

What do I mean? Imagine the cutout is of exactly the same size and shape of the sink -- bowl(s) plus borders. Now, you drop the entire sink down the cutout. It may sit on some braces you rig up underneath, but it's not supported by the countertop. Now, you caulk all the way around the sink very nicely to warrant a seal.

The way I see it, you get the benefits from both worlds: you can still wipe stuff straight into the sink; yet, in case of a damage, you can still push the sink up the cutout without disturbing the counter top.

I'm planning on buying a Blanco 1 1-/2 bowl Silgranit sink. Having read the pain/risk in removing an undermount sink, the idea came to me. Part of me thinks that it will look quite unique (good); but part of me thinks it will look quite unique (bad).

I can't be the first one! Anyone got such a setup? Can you please post photos?

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