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Please help me design my fireplace

9 years ago

Hi, everyone! This is a complete walk (post) of shame. I am having a heck of a time figuring out what to do with the fireplace in our new build. The vibe of the house is rustic/modern/Scandinavian. Vertical cedar and charcoal board and batten exterior, silver metal roof, lots of white inside, slate, soapstone, quartzite, metal, white oak floors. You probably get the idea. Anyway, we have to go with a gas fireplace for budgetary reasons, so we'll get the kind with the river rock style burner. I am struggling to design the fireplace. How high? Mantel or no? soapstone surround? Sheet metal surround? Surround material just around the firebox or all the way to the ceiling?

We tried having our architect design it, but for whatever reason it just didn't work- spent a ton of money and didn't get anywhere. HELP, kind GWers- I'm drowning!

The fireplace will be in our living room on the short wall. Opposite short wall is 8' tall sliders. One long wall ( where the stairs are) will have TV, the other (with 12' transoms) will have the piano.

Here is a mock up of the fireplace wall. Any thoughts?

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