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What color would be a good light absorbing color?

16 years ago

Our Master bedroom needs new paint. The walls are a stark white (I did have ivy comforter, etc) but now the comforter is darker, burgundy, sage, cream... etc. DH works nights and sleeps during the day. We only have one window in the room and we're working on darkening it up with curtains and light blockers. But DH says a darker paint color would help absorbe the light instead of reflect the light like the white does. I have a deep sage color that he had mixed a couple years ago, although I think the paint is bad, DH doesn't think so. I've also played around with painting it red (like Porter Roasted Pepper) and using a black toile comforter. Ideas or suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Toile Bedding

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