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brainstorming kitchen finishes and overall look

8 years ago

Hi there,
I am new to this forum, and basically just wanted to shoot the breeze with someone about kitchen decor, and get your advice on where to spend money. I thought this would be a good place, since you're actually interested in this topic!

I just bought a 1950's house that needs updating. Nothing has ever been done to it cosmetically, (it was well-maintained tho.)

The kitchen is a 12 X 8 galley. I'm going to knock down a load-bearing wall between it and the 27 X 12 living room, and turn half the living room into the dining room. The resulting space will be sort of an L-shaped, open-concept, kitch/dining/living room. The existing dining room will be turned back into a bedroom, creating a 3rd bedroom.

There's one bathroom.

So I guess my questions are:
1. While I'm doing this big reno, should I spend extra money and put in a powder room? This house is one-storey, 1300 sf, and it seems slightly weird to have two bathrooms on the same floor in a house this size. I believe other houses in the neighbourhood have two bathrooms, but they also have living area on two floors (whereas I only have one floor's worth of living area).

2. It's possible that I will move in 6 - 8 years, so I think I should be concerned about resale, correct? I want to do the kitchen 'right' so that I don't lose too much money on the reno. That said, do you think something like this, which I quite like, and is kind of 'me' would be ok for resale:

I like the beige grout in between the penny rounds.
I thought I could do a combo of these laminates for perimeter/island:

and this:

For the cabs, I could use these Ikea rubrik in turquoise, like in this pic (which can be easily switched out for white applad, for resale):

floor will be honey-coloured oak, and match the existing oak in the living room.

what do you think?

4. The kitchen is 12 X 8. Is 12 enough for an island with a sink in it? I'm not sure how much clearance you need. I'd like to have a nice big sink, so that washed pots can go on one side and not stick up too much. I don't mind having a penisula instead, but I guess the flow wouldn't be as good.

Ok, that's it!
Hopefully I haven't inundated you with too much info. Once I get on a roll, it's hard to stop!

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