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Help! In DC, Need food help! Kitchen shops?

13 years ago

Wow! so many new names since I was last here....

Well, I find myself suddenly in DC (Arlington actually) on business, without my family, and my friends in DC out of town, and I need some advice about places to eat and see. And if anyone (or, even better, more than one) wants to join me I'd love that, since I'm a little out of practice being alone. I took a tour tonight and it was fine, but I plan to eat and walk my way through the next few evenings here. Busy during the day.

Anyone have any places to go in Georgetown or Alexandria or Arlington or elsewhere for the best most wonderful food? I can probably take care of the sightseeing since I love looking at everything :) I wouldn't mind stopping by an excellent kitchen store either. Last time I was here was 2001 just after 9/11.

PS still need to post my second finished kitchen, but I need to solve my sink-in-the-baking-"acropolis" problem first.

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