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Help!! Last minute doubts on cabinet glaze color

11 years ago

We are going to finalize our cabinet order tomorrow morning. Finally! After weeks of having a demolished kitchen (yeah, wrong order, I know now). But I'm having last minute second thoughts about the glaze color. Our cabinets will be beaded inset SW Antique white, both perimeter and island, with a black CF 110 range, wenge countertop for the island, and green minsk for the perimeter. ORB hardware. The walls will be gray/green (most likely Paris rain), with a taupe / gray backspalsh (currently eyeing Smoke and Granada mosaic....mosaic might be too much for everything i have going on, but I love it). Overall feel is traditional with a French influence.

Here's a rough board to show the colors so far:

So now the million dollar question - is Van Dyke Brown too "warm" for what I have in mind? Should I go with more of a charcoal brown color? I think of it as mink, but not sure the actual word. Nor corresponding paint color for that matter. Argh!

The granite is predominantly cream and gray, the dark veins are a really dark green that look almost brown unless light hits it directly.

I can't believe I'm panicking at the last minute, please help! Thanks, SE_ME

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