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Bathroom Window Curtains - Stop at the Sill or Hang Below the Sil

I have looked at hundreds of pictures of bathroom window curtains and have found an equal number of curtains that stop at the sill and those that hang below the sill.

It seems that if the rod is hung inside the window frame, then curtains should definitely stop at the sill. It would look odd for the curtains to slope outward and over the sill (and resting on the sill). But if the rod is above/outside the window frame/box, there doesn't seem to be a clear answer. I've seen it both ways. Is there a proper way for curtains that are hung outside of the window frame?

I just realized that in my example photo of the white curtains below, there really isn't a sill, but trust me, I have seen plenty of photos of windows with sills with the curtain length both ways.

What do you think?

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