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kitchen layout sanity check

11 years ago

Brilliant members of this forum... I need your feedback. Does this work? what am I missing? I need fresh eyes on this because I've stared at it so much. Thank you in advance for your time!

I'm about to say "go" to this layout, so I thought I'd find out what is wrong (gasp) first. Please be honest based on what your experience is and explain why you recommend the change (so I know whether my habits will fit your recommendation).

The layout attached does not show:

1. Doors at bottom leave to outside

2. Staircase at right leads to open TV room

3. The kitchen is eat-in, with dining table space by the island

4. There is a fireplace next to the window on the refrigerator wall

5. There is a 5'x3' pantry closet on the other side of the staircase

6. We are removing the pantry located next to the bench and instead extending the micro cabinet so there is more counter space on that wall (63" total)

7. there is a formal dining room adjacent to the eat-in kitchen area

8. we don't have natural gas so will have to have a propane tank outside for my rangetop

9. 8' ceilings, no skylights or anything

Things that cannot change in this layout:

Windows on main sink wall, wall space (e.g. 12') on wall with stairs. I'm designing from scratch, essentially, so everything else is fair game.

I originally considered:

An L-shaped kitchen. The kitchen currently has french doors directly to the left of where the range will be placed (towards the sink wall). We don't live in this space yet (renting) so we are flexible on demo. Current kitchen is in the 12' wall by the staircase and is essentially a galley with a nonfunctioning large island.

Appliances will be SZ/Wolf. We've saved for years for this.

Cabinets: white painted shaker. glass uppers on wall with rangetop & sink. mostly drawers.

Counters: butcher block island, white quartzite perimeter

Backsplash: will eventually be pewabic tile from Detroit (arts & crafts ceramic, high heat resistance)


Everyone always gravitates in our kitchen.

Both husband & wife cook.

Have two small children (one 1 yr old) and two cats. Our cats can open all pulls and *love* to get into cabinets, so the kitchen will be all knobs.

I bake occasionally but use the oven 2-3 times a week.

We garden *a lot* and rely on the garden for our produce during the summer & we can and use much of it throughout the rest of the year (hence the bench, to take off our muddy shoes before entering the kitchen)

We use a Keurig coffee maker

Our extended family is small (5 people), but we have many friends in our area

We entertain casually occasionally (think: football tailgating), but are likely to have to host more formal events for my husbands work, including the need to have caterers in the space.


Thanks so much!

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