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If you have a glass cooktop, PLEASE read this...

14 years ago

I am banging my head against the wall.

We recently had a total gut & remodel on our kitchen.

We (stupidly) chose the entire line of appliances from GE Profile.

We HATE our GE Profile 30" glass/ceramic cook top and pop-up exhaust.

(I wish now that we'd gone with 36", but I thought "who needs 5 burners?" HA!)

Here's the problem. The glass/ceramic on the cook top is already marred and looks like it's 4 years old, rather than 4 months old. It looks like it has scrapes/scuffs on the burners, and there are some weird bubbly oxidized looking things on the burners. I have tried everything I can think of to get this stuff off. I've tried Ceramabrite, as well as a host of other things. These scuff marks and bubble things will NOT come off.

My second complaint is that the 2 large burners are on the front of the cooktop, and the 2 itty bitty ones are on the back. Of course I use the large burners MUCH more often than the back two. However, the pop-up exhaust is in the back, and it's virtually worthless for drawing steam or smells or whatever, from the front burners.

Also, those 2 large burners are SO close together, that I am constantly shifting the pans back and forth when using them at the same time.

I purchased all of my appliances, and had (almost) all of our construction work done by Home Depot. Ordered our cabinets from them too. We have been pretty pleased with the exception of our appliances.

NOW HEAR THIS.... Home Depot has offered to exchange or refund on our cooktop. However, the problem lies that I cannot find a glass/ceramic cooktop that has any of the larger burners in the back so that the exhaust will work with them. Truthfully, I don't know if that is really a viable solution anyway - because who wants to reach to the back while frying bacon, or something that requires constant stirring, or whatever.

Regardless, they've offered to replace it, but I can't find anything to replace it with!

Here's my question for you glass/ceramic cooktop owners out there:

If you are very satisfied with your glass/ceramic cooktop, can you please tell me the brand and model #? It would be great if you could include some comments about what you like about it, and if you have trouble with cleaning it.

Also, if you have a pop-up exhaust that works well, can you please tell me the brand and model #?

If you have a GE Profile glass/ceramic cooktop - are you experiencing the same problems that I am? If you're NOT, then please tell me the Model # that you have.

Thanks so much - I know that I've come to the right place. If there IS an answer out there, I know that my fellow GW'ers will have it.

Muchas Gracias!


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