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layout help please, early planning stage

11 years ago

Hi - After lurking for a little while and seeing the great minds at work here, I would love to get your advice on our kitchen layout. Here's us:

- Just my husband and me (and two dogs), not much entertaining

- Do a fair amount of cooking, and like to cook together

- Make dinner 4-5 times a week, plus do some bulk cook-and-freeze meals, and prep big quantities of food for freezing

- I like to bake, probably once or twice a week

For us, the kitchen is all about cooking; we actually eat in our dining room :) so we don't need office space, eating space, etc. in the kitchen. We do need a decent amount of pantry/storage space - I'd love to get all my kitchen stuff out of the mudroom and basement and into the kitchen!

Current house layout:

Our biggest problem in our current kitchen is flow. There's really only one counter, not enough cabinet space, and the kitchen's location means it's also a hallway between the back door/mudroom and the rest of the house. Plus, the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all open to each other, so any mess in the kitchen is right in your face all the time.

We decided to renovate the kitchen last summer when we replaced the floor of our house, spent a few months in a big open space, and saw some new possibilities. Our idea: swap the current dining room and kitchen locations. This pulls the kitchen out of the main traffic path, and gives us more walls for some upper cabinets. We're also thinking of moving the closet door and using the closet for a pantry. We'll replace the cabinets and counter, but we're keeping our stove and fridge. We're planning on getting an over-the-range microwave to save some counter space, and we're getting a dishwasher! Given all's a possible layout:

(Pardon the wacky dimensions - the computer ate my current layout and all that's left is this screenshot, argh!) The outside walls of this room are concrete block, so the window and sliding door can't be moved. Theoretically we could replace the slider with a single door, but that door would have to fit within the slider's footprint, and there would have to be a big layout advantage for us to do that much work.

A couple photos of the existing space:

The room has a cathedral ceiling. We're planning on covering up the ledge over the window, which would make the ceiling on that wall 105" tall, rising to 145" at the peak. I'm thinking of adding another row of upper cabinets to take advantage of this height, but wonder if we'd ever get out a ladder and use them...

This is the slider on the north wall; the closet/pantry-to-be is on the right.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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