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RE: Spanish Revival/Mexican/Mediterranean Style - Part IX

17 years ago

I just had to start a new thread - the old one was way too long! I hope everyone is doing well. Where is everyone????

So, I need more advice. As usual. I have a few days off work, which is always dangerous. I walked into the dining room and suddenly HATED the chandelier. It's just not working!

Ideas, please? The furniture is mostly my Pottery Barn (affordable) stuff, which isn't that interesting or even Spanish/Med looking. To me, the chairs are all wrong - too traditional (Pottery Barn Napoleon style) but we have to live with it all for now, until we can afford new, which may be a while.

Maybe if I find the right chandelier I can stand the table & chairs a bit longer? Thank goodness for accessories!

Here is a link that might be useful: dining room

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