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Mixing brands of cabinet hardware- will it match?

10 years ago

I made my trip over to RH today, and it was a bit disappointing. I like the Gilmore cup pulls, but I'm not totally over the moon excited about them. They're a lot of money for just that. I was even more suprised that I didn't like the Gilmore knobs. Plus, at $11 a knob ($8.80 with sale) they are REALLY expensive. I'll hit HD tomorrow and see what they have. I've seen some viable options online. (BTW- I need 50 pulls and 40 knobs... sigh. Nothing is cheap!)

Anyway, the point of my post. I'm thinking about buying one brand for the cup pulls and another brand for the knobs. I've decided on polished chrome. Do you think the finishes will match from different brands? Is polished chrome pretty standard?

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