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INPUT: Storing Pantry Items Label-face up

13 years ago

I really, really need some input on our pantry!!!

What is your feeling on a pantry housing 1-2 stationary shelves at the top, and the remaining are low (2-4" high), pull-out shelves where ALL items are horizontal and label-up?

I really liked the photos posted here of shelves filled with canned goods facing label up - so neat and organized!! The DH saw those pics and wants ALL of the P/O shelves to house items label up  not just same sized canned items, but... cereal, pickles, spaghetti sauces, pÂnut butter/jellies, etc. WeÂre talking probably 15 or more 2-4" high P/O shelves/drawers. IÂm at an age where I donÂt like "change", and after 43 years of marriage I am used to seeing jars of sauces/jams/pÂnut butter, cereal, etc. UPRIGHT on a shelf! LOL

Has anyone considered this design, then had second thoughts and why? Does anyone here (or do you know of anyone) have ALL of their pantry items horizontal? If so... Are you (they) happy with this arrangement? DH feels it utilizes the wasted space  I feel I would spend my time trying to find and "file" food items.

TIA for your suggestions and ideas!!


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