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please help with layout for odd space

13 years ago


I have been a lurker and occasional poster for two years now and have learned a lot. I would greatly appreciate some new eyes for the plans I have been trying to work out. I truly admire all the talent I see here with layout issues and my architect seems to want to cram as much in as possible without attention to flow and actual cooking style. I will be expanding my home to allow for a great sewing room (on the second floor)and a larger dining room--therefore I've fallen into the "while I'm at it" syndrome and want to redo the kitchen. The present dining area does not allow for many people to gather--nor does the present kitchen. Although I live alone, I do host holiday meals and casual dinner parties for 10-12. (Present kitchen storage is pretty minimal. I presently have two drawers for silverware/knives and three smallish drawers for towels, hotpads, measuring cups and wine opener, Two cupboards for pots and pans and a lazy susan. One upper cupboard holds the daily dishes and another small one holds the always necessary wine glasses. ;-) )

A larger amount of accessible dish storage is essential. I would like to get my grandmother's good dishes out of the basement and use them more often, but they are packed away so well that it's a hassle. Some of the plans show a sink which may appear to be a prep sink near the mudroom door--but I'd like to have a counter there for the coffee things and make it look like a piece of furniture where grandma's dishes could be stored.

My wish list includes:

an open and airy feeling--I'd love a wall of windows and not have uppers on a wall if at all possible

I'm open to a creative(read-not necessarily symmetrical) layout

More counter space for rolling pies and cookies(I'd really like some 30" counters)--presently I use about an 18" wide space in front of a toaster oven.

slide in range (one oven is enough if it is big enough)

microwave drawer

work space between the sink and stove (it seems that is the space I gravitate to to work)

a dedicated coffee center/area

During the week I microwave or cook meals in the toaster oven (I'm a high school theatre teacher and there are many late nights due to rehearsals and set building)-- on weekends I do more extensive cooking--by myself-- so I have leftovers for the week's meals.

It would be nice to have space for someone else to help and/or a place for someone to sit to chat while I cook.

An island is not a necessity (I don't think it would fit anyway) but I would consider a movable kitchen cart. A peninsula between the kitchen and dining area would be okay to as long as it doesn't become too much of a pinch point.

This is my forever house, so I'm also thinking of widening doorways a bit and keeping aisles wide.

The initial plan includes removing the closet and loadbearing wall that divides the kitchen and dining area now and adding eight feet to the dining room. (As well as adding to the second floor) Staircase can not move, but windows could be added anywhere along the outside wall.

I should also add--the the mudroom is the main entry for everyone who comes to visit. In the remodel I am considering doing away with the traditional front door and just using a set of french doors (maybe sliders) which will lead to a front porch. The house is really inaccessible from what would be considered the front door.

Please give me your feedback.

Thank you.


present kitchen is approximately 11X11 at the widest points

Plan A--(shows the eventual expansion of dining room,addition of a new living room, living area turned into first floor master, and expansion of the first floor bath.)

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

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