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Looking for ideas for odd space in bedroom - any ideas?

Rory (Zone 6b)
10 years ago


My son and I are updating my brother's townhouse to put it on the market in the spring. It is out-dated and was not very well maintained. Most of the townhomes in this development are owned by 1st time home buyers or retirees that have down-sized. It has 3 bedrooms & 1/5 baths.

The picture is of an area in the master bedroom between the closet (on right) and the bath door (on left). There is a skylight above the area. The area measures 30.1/4" wide by 29.5" deep.

I started removing the wall paper and took out a counter top that was installed in the space.

If you had this area what would you do with it? I think a vanity area would be its best use but I would like it to look built-in. Any ideas>


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