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Eco by Cosentino - recycled glass countertop

13 years ago

Hi everyone. Must admit that I've been eavesdropping for about a month and enjoying your posts and pics of kitchen makeovers. I'm about to embark on a kitchen redo myself and have fallen in love with this product (just from the sample).I was all set to place an order (for Riverbed color) and then realized that since it's new to the market the warranty only covers 5 years. Yikes! This particular brand is similar to vetrazzo which I have read in places has a 25+ years life expectancy. The main differences as far as I can tell are that the Eco brand is more eco-friendly, uses a corn based resin rather than concrete as a binder, and requires no special sealers/maintainence, unlike some of the other recycled glass brands. Does ANYONE here have recycled glass countertops, and if so....for how long, what brand, and how satisfied are you with them? TIA for any input that can be offered. LOL...I can't move forward with any decisions until I resolve this one and after 25 years of waiting for a I'm in a hurry!

Here is a link that might be useful: Eco By Cosentino

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