closet--built in or unfitted look?

10 years ago

as i mentioned in another thread, i have not found a dresser set which i really like.

so i've decided to build a closet in the bdrm, along the wall shared by the bathroom.

the wall is ten feet long, i'd like to use 20" of depth or less. we prefer to hang everday clothes on pegs behind the closet doors, so we can get away with a lesser depth.

plus we have another larger closet for clothes which need to be hung properly.

my vision is for a three section unit, two tall sections with shelves and pegs behind doors flanking a lower drawer unit in the center.

i'm thinking of a 40-42" wide drawer section with something like 28" taller end units. that center unit will be dresser height, with a mirror top for display.

the question is whether it should be a real closet with sheetrock walls, or a piece of furniture set against the existing wall.


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