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Need advice: Floor dilemma

14 years ago

I'm in the process up updating my kitchen. Before, it had a busy wallpaper all over the walls and a brick red ceramic tile backsplash.

My cabinets and appliances are an almond color and all the trim is the same. I stripped all the paper and put up a textured wallpaper and painted it an earthy, warm brown color that I love. On the bottom part of the walls, I put up a wallpaper that looks like wainscoting.

My color pallete throughout the house is warm, spicy, earthy Tuscan colors....browns, greens, rusts, golds, etc.

The ceramic tile floor in the kitchen (and throughout the connecting foyer) has green diamond squares in it. Overall, there's nothing wrong with the floor but I'm looking for opinions. Does it look bad and/or 'dated'? (It's more than ten years old) Or, does it work with my color palette?

I'm considering having it replaced but it's going to be expensive because it has to be torn up before anything can be put down.

Here are some pics:

Example colors of some accessories

Backsplash (underway)

Wainscoting wallpaper:

New wall color:

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