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Futuro Futuro 'skylight' hood (Xpost)

12 years ago

Please excuse the cross-post from appliances but I really want to install a hood without remodeling my kitchen. :)

Futuro Futuro has inconveniently located their showroom on the opposite side of the continent so I am wondering if anyone has seen the "Skylight" model. It seems a little odd and I'm wondering if it would actually work as a hood when mounted so high.

It would solve certain stylistic complaints I have with installing a regular hood in my current kitchen, but I'm not sure the whole idea is fully baked. (It could hide behind a header instead of being half visible from the next room.)

Any opinions? Anyone have one or visited the showroom or think it might work for an 8 foot ceiling over a 30" range in a peninsula/island application?


Here is a link that might be useful: futuro's 'skylight'

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