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Glossy counter w/ glossy backsplash?

16 years ago


We are pretty sure we're going with a granite slab called "Brown Suede", which is almost black, and have opted for natural cherry shaker cabinets in our 1854 house. We're trying to maintain the rustic pioneer charm of the house, but incorporating some modern touches. We need to choose our backsplash fairly soon because the new windows are coming next week and need to be painted prior to installation --- obviously, we want the paint colour to work well beside the backsplash.

So... since we're going with a glossy finish on the granite, is it okay to go with glossy tiles? The woman at the tile store didn't think we should. We found some mini-subway tiles (1x2, I think) in a polished marble (Golden Panther) that we liked, but now we don't know about the shine combo. With such small tiles, wouldn't there be a fair amount of grout to break up the shine/shine factor? Or, the same marble comes in a tumbled version. We could use that and treat it with an enhancer to bring out the colour (any stories about doing that?).

Any suggestions and/or pictures? We're anxious to nail this decision down since we've been in a state of mental paralysis for a long time now... I KNOW some of you will understand that! :~)



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