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Zephyr Cyclone range hood--hot light problem?

13 years ago

I've just had a Zephyr Cyclone range hood installed in my new kitchen and have noticed something that concerns me and I'm wondering if other Cyclone owners could comment on whether or not they have a similar situation.

The bulbs it came with, which are 40w, get very very very hot very quickly. One minute with them on high or low and you'd burn your hand if you put it within 1/2" of the bulb, which is exposed. It heats up the metal of the hood, too. It seems beyond what is normal, but I called Zephyr and they were vague about it, saying they didn't rate the heat level and that it is normal for lightbulbs to get warm! How do I know if this is safe or not? It is hot to the point that I'd never want it on in warm months.