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Here goes - intro and thanks from a quiet one

gardengrl66 z5
12 years ago

OK, here we go. After almost a year of lurkage it is time to join the GW bunch and contribute. Not that I presume to have a whole lot going for me over any other post-ers; but I find that more often nowadays as we move through our most-of-the-house remodel, I will read a thread and actually have an opinion or at least some experience with the issue in question. Call it the lurk/participate tipping point. I must say that without GW our kitchen would be very, very different and probably not in a good way! You all have given me advice and more importantly the confidence to ask for what I want, not what the architect/KD/showroom person thinks I want! I just love this site.

How does one decide to jump in? Pros: Being able to comment, and feeling like you're giving back after benefitting from so many others' thoughts and ideas; being able to start your own threads; building some street cred before trying to upload the "finished kitchen reveal". Having someone (many someones!) to talk to - DH is absolutely allergic to this whole process and just wants to be teleported into the final result! Final "pro" was the "message to lurkers and quiet people" thread, which is by now probably buried on page 6 of the Kitchens forum (thank you pllog for that thread).

Cons: "Well shucks, these folks will not be interested in my lil old project"; I work full time, have a family and actually need my 8 hours of shuteye - how on earth do people have time to keep up on their own threads? And finally the "shy factor" - the fear of saying something dumb/already said/taken the wrong way.

However. On to the good stuff. We live in a 1920's brick foursquare which is wonderful but has too few bathrooms and needed a new kitchen (old was dark, small galley with crumbling appliances). Have moved out into a tiny miserable apartment for 6 months (5 down, 1 to go) while we put on a small addition and re-work the existing spaces. GC is heaven sent and is on time, on budget! Despite the fact that the remodel involves most of the house, 99% of my mental energy has gone into the remaking of the kitchen. (seems like 99% of the $$ have gone there too:)) Therefore I and DH both think I am TKO. I cook most of the family meals, garden on our urban lot and actually manage to harvest enough for a few canning sessions every summer. New kitchen had to have counter space, counters I could work on without worrying about every scratch or stain, a lot of light and much more serious appliances. Wall between DR and kitchen came down, replaced by a peninsula.

OK, prepare to gag on the cliche: White inset cabinets with half of the counters in soapstone. Other half - hopefully a little unique - are teak. There is one section of teak which is end-grain so I will cut directly on it. Soapstone farm sink surrounded by the wood counters, hoping that will look sorta cool. Wood floors. Very few upper cabinets (to quote a thread I have a bad case of anti-upperitis!)

I am writing this at work after my revelation that it was time to join in. Will head out to the house in the next couple of days and post in-progress pics! I wanted to post my kitchen layout but can�t seem to load a PDF file into photobucket!!? (I am SO not computer-savvy and yes, I've read the picture posting tips on "read me") Thanks for listening and being there for the lurkers...any comments on the above ramblings are welcome!

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