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Finally Finished Pic- Warm wood and Cool Cream Galley Kitchen

9 years ago

It has been a wild journey but other than a curtain over the kitchen sink, a cover for our banquette cushion and blinds that are on order for the eating area, this kitchen is DONE! Thankfully all went very smoothly, even our grout issue was resolved without much fuss. The only vendor I would never do business with again was our tile store but since our kitchen and both bathrooms are done, I guess I would not go there again anyway!

I don't have all the details since I am not sure of things like the brand of under cabinet lights my GC used(they are a strip with tiny little LED lights) and have no idea who made my faucet and sink- think its Essence??? But I will try to give up as much information as I can. I truly cannot tell you how much I learned on this forum and just wish I found you guys BEFORE I bought my cabs. I probably would have gone custom or at least seen if it was possible. But all in all, I am really happy with the turnout. It is so functional and easy to use which is really all that matters to me!

Cabinets- Diamond- Full Overlay in Cherry with Cattail finish from the Kitchenstore in Culver City(great resource- the KD Jim is very creative)

Countertops- Colonial Cream

Backsplash- Grazia Melenge Butter Blend

Ovens, Cooktop and Dishwasher- GE CAFE

Microhood- GE Profile

Beverage Fridge- GE

Fridge- Kitchen Aid French Door- ADORE!

I got a great friends and family deal on my appliances through GE. I wouldn't have been able to get all new ones had I did not get this deal so that is why so many are GE. I have to say I love all the appliances, especially the ovens. But I wouldn't budge on the fridge however!

Thanks again for all the help when I was freaking out about my backsplash- who knew grout could be such a game changer. I love my newly fixed grout and it makes such a difference.

temporary Kitchen

Isn't she lovely! I really hate orange now!

Cabs are just waiting for the next earthquake to come off the walls!

Empty Useless Space

Notice the fridge leaves me with about a foot of space to cook? So annoying

Useless no more! Now I can have my wall of fun stuff!

Hated the sound of plastic as I walked by every day:(

AHHH- finally done- but wait, why is that grout all different colors? I hate my backsplash! ICK!

Grout looks awful...


Looking down the galley

Empty space NO MORE! Pantry, double ovens and fridge- my dream!

Full run of sink wall

Sink view from hallway

Still hate how the light is not centered:(

Cooktop with Micro Hood- works surprisingly well!

Brighter view!

View of breakfast bar next to eat in area- Forced me to redo the living room next to it since that looked shabby- It never ends!

Different View

Breakfast bar tile

Our clean grout and lucky pig- one of only four things allowed on the counter!

I hope you enjoyed this picture overload!!!! thanks again for all the support and help!

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