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What My Kitchen Must-Must-Must Have...

13 years ago

Just enjoying the ergonomics thread but it made me think about the four or five kitchens I've owned and what I feel I absolutely must have to be comfortable and have the kitchen function well vs what I don't care for.

So I'll start my must-have list:

Big deep sink and pull down faucet or one with high arc sprayer. Sprayer's the thing.

Great dishwasher as we don't wash much by hand -- it all goes into the dw.

Good microwave. I'm often surprised how often we use it but there are two of us so I'm always reheating something.

Bottom-mount refrigerator. I will never again get down on my hands and knees to find something in the fridge. Never.

Pull out garbage & recycling bin. So civilized.

Easy-on-the-legs floor. My last 3 kitchens have had hardwood flooring -- 2 oak and currently ash.

Area rugs, either Oriental or most recently a Capel indoor outdoor carpet that I love because everything wipes right up.

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