Soft close and Pedal to open trash/recycling drawer

13 years ago

I would like to install one of the pedals that everyone's been talking about that opens the trash/recycling drawer (or is it a cabinet?). Can you please recommend one that works well, and if you know, where to get it?

I also want to put a soft close on it. I have it on everything else in the new kitchen, don't know why the KD didn't put one on there. I found what I think is one on a site recommended earlier for something else. Will you please look at this and tell me if you think that this would work on the trash drawer? I don't quite understand where you mount this.

Would these same soft close mechanisms work on 2 wide dish drawers that I have? I asked the KD about installing those on the dish drawers, and she was against it for some reason; I think she said that they're too heavy. But I'd really like to have soft close on just about everything I own, I like them so much! The dish drawers are 32x6x20, the storage part - not the doors themselves.

Thanks folks.


Here is a link that might be useful: Soft close

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