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My 99% finished kitchen - play kitchen for DD - that is...

14 years ago

Well, I'm no where near finishing my kitchen. But during nap times I managed to paint a play kitchen that I found at a garage sale for a fantastic price of $20. This has been painted in between trying to keep up with GW, priming and painting my trim in my house, and repainting the orange kitchen walls that I painted orange because of my lack of original judgment. :) You'll see those in the pictures below.

Around here, one doesn't wonder where the name repaintingagain comes from.

So since it will be months until my kitchen is done, just for fun - here is the play kitchen I put together for my daughter. It was scrubbed, sanded, primed and painted. I might have been more excited about this then my own kitchen! :-)


Counters and overall color: BM Simply White

Shelf color: BM Dill Pickle

Appliance "hardware": Doorbell push buttons from Lowes

Labels on Dishwasher: lovingly printed by Grandpa

Sink: Tupperware, awaiting the perfect sized stainless steel pet bowl, I have yet to find

Knobs and pulls: Folk Art Acrylic Metallic paint

Freezer door: Chalkboard paint

Still missing: faucet (working on that one, but thinking of using a stainless steel soap dispenser push top - Grandma's idea)

Knobs - want to find something fun that will turn

Nevertheless, my little 20 month old is thrilled and doesn't notice that it is only 99% finished. And we can now bake together.

Total cost approx. $65

Now that is a budget redo! If only I could do my kitchen on that budget. :-)



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