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Budget kitchen progress, backsplash help please!

10 years ago

Hello -

I've learned so much from this forum, and I'm finally posting for some help.

Our kitchen is very much a budget/DIY thing; aside from the granite installation and some electrical my husband has done just about everything. It's been many months and there's no sign of him having time to do the backsplash, so I'm going to tackle it myself.

I really need opinions about this glass mosaic tile. My husband really likes it, and I know the colors are good, but I just feel it's busy and I'm also afraid it will look dated soon.

I'd really appreciate some style suggestions. Thanks SO much!

The white dishwasher and fridge are going to be replaced with stainless, and we haven't decided on a paint color for the walls and trim. (Suggestions on that also VERY welcome)

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