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Best way to make a built in buffet look 'built in'

14 years ago

Sorry for posting my floor plan again... I am quite needy lately.

In my breakfast area, I have a built-in buffet drawn in the plan on one end. I'm struggling to visualize this.

Will I need a little 12x12 wall or something similar on each side of the buffet to make it look built in? Otherwise, counter and cabinet will just be finished on the sides, if it doesn't go all the way to the walls of the room? I am hoping to get rid of those little just out walls that the architect has labeled as 1'5"... which is why I'm curious about this.

I plan to use the built-ins for extra cabinet storage and if we are running short on cabinet budget, I may put a frig under the counter for beverages or have a knee hole or 2 and set some stools there. I would love to use the counter as a buffet for setting out food and drinks and such. My current non-built-in hutch is 16 inches deep, and I'm hoping to keep it to no more than that so I have room for the table.

So do I need those side walls or not?

Thanks for all my needy questions! Sometimes I feel so ignorant about all this stuff!

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