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Please help with hardware pull placement

9 years ago

I've decided to go with all pulls in my kitchen and I've chosen these Aspire pulls from Berenson Hardware. The pulls come in 96mm (4 3/8 in.), 128mm (5 5/8 in.), and 160mm (6 3/4 in.).

My cabinets are shaker style in light cherry with slab drawers. I have a mix of drawers and doors on the lower cabinets. I plan to place the pulls vertically on the doors.

I originally thought I would use the smallest size on all the doors, and then use a variety of sizes for drawers depending on the size of the drawer. I also plan to use the largest size pull on a tall pantry cabinet.

Now I'm wondering if the smallest size is too small for the upper cabinets. I have 8 ft. ceilings and the cabinets go all the way to the top with a smallish crown molding next to the ceiling. Would the medium size be better?

Is it appropriate to use a variety of sizes on the doors, too? For instance, a large pull on the pantry, smallest pulls on the cabinets above the range hood and refrigerator, and the medium (or small size) pulls on all the other upper doors as well as the lower doors? Or would it be better if I just picked one size for all the doors?

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!

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