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granite is in, what do u think of this backsplash?

The Desert Dream granite is in. At the tile story they suugested this tumbled botticini marble which is cushioned, set on the diagonal with a few rows of multicolor tumbled marble mosaic in between. the mosaic has all of the colors of the granite. unfortunately i don't have that for you all to see here because I was a good girl and returned it to the store. Someone else at the granite yard was looking at desert dream and when she saw this in my cart thought it was perfect and went right over to the tile store to order it. What do you guys think? The cabinets are white, no cream in them. the granite has grays, taupes, yellows, brown. This backsplash is cream but would have a lighter grout that not only goes between the tiles but fills in the holes in the top of the tiles, lightening the effect.

I was pretty sure about this but now am wondering if I should go with a polished tile, like white onyx, because we love the sparkle of the granite as compared to our previous black wilsonart which seemed very dull in contrast.

Here is a link that might be useful: cushioned tumble marble backsplash

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