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Has Anyone Used Kitchen Solvers for Refacing Cabinets?

13 years ago

Just starting to look in to the pros and cons of refacing kitchen cabinets or replacing. House we've put an offer on has old cabinets, built in 1970. Appear to be solid wood, so if found to be sound, would consider refacing depending on not only cost but how they actually end up looking.

Has anyone used Kitchen Solvers, or had an estimate from them but didn't use them? What did you think? It was one nat. company I found, not sure if there are others. Did you use some one local? If you got more than one estimate, did they vary greatly?

What have you found, in your own kitchen, the price difference to be between replacing and refacing - I see where some people have said it's not much of a difference in price between refacing and replacing. If replacing, what are the cabinets made of?

Has anyone had any kind of "mishaps" with their refacing job? Did price include countertops? If you refaced, are you happy with how they look or wished you'd have gone with new? Something you wish you had done now that it's over?

Any tips, suggestions, experiences, and BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES would be GREATLY appreciated!


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