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Opinions on green granite with natural maple cabinets

13 years ago

We're midway through our gut reno and looking at the fun stuff (not that insulation is boring, but still...)

Our carpenter can get fantastic deals at the Kraftmaid outlet (75% off retail), so we'll be going with salvaged stock pieces and some custom ones as well. There were more natural maple in-stock in our required sizes, so that's our color. We recently discovered that granites are much lower in price than our current beloved Zodiaq, but no colors have caught our eye other than the greens. Tropical Green, Verde Peacock, and Verde Butterfly topped our list. I'm concerned that the Peacock and Butterfly will be too dark of a contrast with the natural maple cabinets. I've seen lots of pictures of Tropical Green with darker cabinets (FKB, Google search) but few with natural maple.

Anyone have any thoughts? We'll have to go with either a Level 1 or 2 granite price-wise.


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