Time to order my cabinets! Help me make sure I have it covered.

8 years ago

Okay, so it's finally my turn (!) to order kitchen cabs. Can you eagle eyes (and brains) take a quick look at my cab list and see if I've missed anything obvious or otherwise? I'd appreciate any help on this one.

Base cabs are all standard depth, inset with extra deep drawers/over-travel self closing slides. No horizontal rail other than top one to maximize space. Jakuvall said that was fine so I'm going with it.

1. 36" wide pot/pan base. Top drawer 4.5". next 2 drawers 11 and 11.5" respectively.
Having the bottom drawer divided re: a2gemini, to hold my cast iron pans on their sides. (Yes, the drawer and slides will be beefed up accordingly.
Toe kick drawer in this one.

2. 18" wide 4 drawer to hold mostly prep utensils/knives/small stuff like hand blender, etc. No clue as to best size of drawers?

3. 36" corner lazy susan for small appliances and prep bowls/graters, etc.

4. 18" 4 drawer for; spices, wraps, towels and some baking stuff. Also could use advice as to good size for drawers.

5. 30" sink base with left pull out for trash and right pull out for cleaning supplies and compost.

6. 30" 4 (?) drawer for flatware, vitamins, tupperware/storage stuff and not sure what else? Will also have a toe kick in this one.

Just not sure about the best drawer sizes for these 4 drawer units.

Can someone pick drawer sizes for me based on what I listed to be stored (and probably what I forgot will be stored there, too)? Is there anything I'm missing organization-wise that should be built in?

Thank you

Oh. I will have pantry space and one upper for food so the lowers are all for 'stuff' and junk, not food.

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