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Upper frustration help!!

12 years ago

Okay... I really wanted to be able to use all open shelves instead of wall cabinets. But I did a bunch of measuring and realize I do really need some wall cabinets with solid doors. This will be for baking ingredients, & open containers of food that just arent pretty to look at. Those are currently in a wall cabinet that is about 35 wide x 27 tall. Everything else currently in my uppers can go below, or can sit behind a glass door, or on an open shelf nicely.

Here's a pic from the cabinet guy that shows the maximum amount of upper storage I can have. I dont really want to look like I crammed my kitchen full of cabinets but at the same time, need the storage.

Right now I am thinking of doing the l shaped corner cabinet, but putting nothing around the vent hood other than some kind of rack for hanging my pots and pans.

My options could be:

All solid doors.

Solid & glass doors combined

Solid doors on top, with open shelving or cubbies below.

Open shelves on top, solid doors on bottom.

2 separate "mismatched" units - one with solid doors, one with glass or no doors.

Part of it coming down to countertop.

Something else?

The only thing I definitely don't want is a corner with a diagonal door. I'd love the storage, I just don't think it would look right in my kitchen. Also please ignore the patterns and colors he used, soo not what I'm going for. :)


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