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Wall mount Range Hood

8 years ago


We are in-process of upgrading our kitchen and would like to install a range hood besides replacing all the cabinets.. Our ceiling is 9 foot and we still want to go with 42" cabinets with additional 4" crown molding..

So now if we get rid of over the range microwave and the cabinet and replace it with a range hood, then my question is......would it look bad that the range is going all the way up to the 9 ft ceiling whereas the cabinets are only 42" + 4".(crown molding).. Please suggest how should we do it.. Any pictures to show the idea will really help..

We dont want to take the cabinets all the way up to the 9" ceiling as its still a small kitchen... and we probably want to use wall mount range hood instead of under the cabinet range hood...

Thanks in advance .. Will.

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