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pre-owned Rutt & Dynasty kitchens etc. Good $ for the quality

13 years ago

I check GreenDemolitions every week for a friend of mine. Nothing for her now, but they have some gorgeous kitchens coming in, and on the linked page there are two "Rutt" (the one near the bottom has two islands and soapstone - just beautiful) and a Dynasty. The Dynasty (Shaker Cherry) has two year old appliances including a Miele dishwasher, granite, etc. The other Rutt, painted white, is an inset door style with granite and a stainless counter/backsplash near the stove. I love that one and think it is a good price at $7,500 (includes pretty hood, ovens and cooktop. I would swap out the hardware and repaint the cabinets, add some crown, and have a sweet Rutt kitchen.) There are quite a few more promising kitchens on that page. Some you will probably just want to scroll by.

Does anyone know if there are other resources in other parts of the country for this type of place? It would be great to compile resources in addition to Craigslist and Re-Stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: (start near the bottom) - GreenDemolitions

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