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Resolution to granite mismatch

11 years ago

MY KD stepped up to the plate and is making the granite install right. The salesperson told me they didn't have more slabs but miraculously (sarcasm) after the KD got involved one appeared. They are going to remove the piece from the penninsula and do a better match. So yippee for my KD and happy for me.

In the meantime DH and plumber pulled my new fridge out to hook up the water lines and in doing so put some gouges in my new hardwood floor, put a small dent in the fridge door and put several scratches on the inside of the freezer door. The good thing is the gouges are surface only so they don't look bad. The dent is small and I am probably the only one who will ever notice it, and the scratches are in the inside so not visible at all with the door closed.

All those small incidents are just another day in the life of, so I am a movin on! The really good news is my faucet went in and the dishwasher is hooked up and working. It is so quiet I can't hear it at all. The double oven, and cooktop will be installed tomorrow and hopefully several of my lights will go in. We are finally making progress.

Just wanted to let you all know and show a pic of my sink and faucet. Trim to be finished on the window when the maple comes in.

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